Lead by Diego del Pozo, a web expert with more than 15 years of experience in web development, design, and marketing, Primashock powers your dreams through state-of-the-art and on-target digital solutions.

Offering web design and development, flash animation, 3D, Html5 sites, motion graphics, video editing, brand identity, and social media customization and design, we handle the design and technical aspects of all your digital assets, while maximizing the efficiency, effectiveness, and cost of your web initiatives.

We now offer Aerial Photography services in Argentina, Chile, United States, Canada and Uruguay through Primashock | Aerial.

We always look for ways to get ahead and help our clients make
a bigger, global impact.

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We designed all the Air National Guard Air Show vehicles and planes.

More Pictures: John Klatt's Facebook Page, HERE



Some of the recent websites launched by Primashock.


Rocketaerobatics.com | Team Rocket Aerobatics| country: CANADA| launch website

Indy Boys, Inc | Paul Stender's Official website | country: US| launch website

CtColeman | Chuck Coleman's Official website | country: US | launch website

Testpilotinc.com | Test Pilot, Inc.| country: US | launch website



Some of the companies we work/ed for:

Air National Guard
AirBoss, Inc
Airpower Insurance
Al Ain Aerobatic Show
American Aerobatics
BPA Engines
Tomás Bulat
Bulldog Airshows
Chuck Coleman
Custom & Speed parts
Dacal Bienes Raíces
Daniel Ryfa
Diario Hoy
Doug Jardine
Duluth Airshow
Emisiones Platenses
Kyle Franklin
Gary Hess Studios
Gary Ward
Gato Dumas

Grand Bell
Empresa Guanzetti
Iñaki Urlezaga
Indy Boys, Inc.
Jaquie Warda
Jeff Boerboon
Jim Kimball Ent.
John Klatt Airshows
Jorge Sanchez
La Plata Hub

Lomas de City Bell
Match Pix UK
Milwaukee Air Expo
Municipio de Bolivar
John Mohr
Edificios Moragues
MT Propeller
Mx2 Aircraft
Oliver Aerial
Provincia Seguros
Pcia. de Buenos Aires
Quad City Airshow

Red 92
Rocky Mountain AS
Rumi BA
Shablan Group
Skip Stewart
Speed for Hire
Star Cranial Center
Sushi Club
Team RV
Test Pilot Inc
Tim Weber Airshows
Tomás Bulat
Vital Signs
Whirl Wind Propellers
Zivko Engineering
Zivko Edge
Zona Franca La Plata
and more...



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